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10 Best Coupon Blogs for Dads

10 Best Coupon Blogs for Dads


Ken Austin
By: Ken Austin
Posted: December 11, 2013

It is a stereotype that only women coupon and we all know it isn’t true. In actuality, many men enjoy couponing, and many more would likely pick up the hobby if they had the right resources coming from voices they can relate to.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 Best Coupon Blogs for Dads. You’ll find everything you need to get started – or perfect your skill – with the blogs listed below.

Coupon Clippin'

Bragging Rights: coupons…they’re not just for moms

The home page of Coupon Clippin' Daddy is always frequently updated with posts about high-value coupons, freebies, hot deals and more. Dads will also appreciate the speed at which they can find coupons using the searchable coupon database. Just type in the product or brand you are looking for and a list of coupons will appear.

Social Clout: 23,476+ likes, 3,705+ followers



Bragging Rights: save with promo codes, coupons and more

Coupon Dad is a blog loaded with every kind of coupon you can think of – grocery coupons, restaurant coupons, online coupon codes and much more. Dads will also love the array of giveaways for guy products, such as cologne, men’s bath products and gift cards.

Social Clout: 22,582+ likes, 18,248+ followers


Couponing with Greg That

Bragging Rights: making a dollar out of 15 cents

Greg talks about all things related to coupons, including pointing out the best printables, freebies, Facebook offers and other online deals across the Web. Our favorite feature is he walks you through how to get the deals at stores like Walgreens, Dollar General and more, taking you step by step through each transaction and coupon and allowing you to score the same deals yourself.

Social Clout: 14, 570+ likes


The Coupon

Bragging Rights: money doesn’t discriminate

The Coupon Hubby is perfect for dads who are just starting out but also for those who are already expert couponers. All your favorite stores are included with links to store guides, coupon policies and weekly deals. The blog is always full of other things too, such as freebies and contests. Check it frequently for daily updates.

Social Clout: 13,452+ likes, 2,998+ followers


Super Coupon

Bragging Rights: how to super coupon

The How to Super Coupon section of Super Coupon Guy will give you a crash course in finding and organizing coupons, researching and planning your shopping trip and other things. Dads will also appreciate the Resources section, where they have gathered a list of great websites that will help you on your couponing journey.

Social Clout: 5,346+ likes



Bragging Rights: products, reviews and contests - oh my!

On Gay NYC Dad, you’ll find information about couponing and reviews of products. We also really like the contest section. It’s always full of multiple giveaways running at once, with cool prizes dads would love to win, like gift cards, movies and toys for your kids.

Social Clout: 4,927+ likes, 11,917+ followers


Joe the Coupon

Bragging Rights: learn to save money and find deals

You have many chances to learn about couponing from Joe the Coupon Guy, as he teaches classes and does radio and TV appearances you can listen to online. Also, check out the Deal Blog section of the website to find out about the latest deals and Joe’s adventures in shopping.

Social Clout: 3,045+ likes


San Antonio Coupon

Bragging Rights: where dads begin their couponing adventure

San Antonio Coupon Dad is an offshoot of the main Coupon Dad website, specifically for the San Antonio area. No matter where you live, though, you can get some great information in the Couponing Basics section – advice for getting started, couponing etiquette and the HEB store couponing policy.

Social Clout: 776+ likes


Dads Coupon

Bragging Rights: helping dads find the best coupons

If you’re a father who is couponing for the first time, you may wonder where you can get coupons online for free. If this is you, head over to Dad’s Coupon Too, where the links to all the best printable coupon websites are located right at the top of the page.

Social Clout: 90+ likes


The Couponing

Bragging Rights: couponing from a man’s point of view

Dads can get a head start on couponing by browsing the Couponing 101 section of The Couponing Dad, which covers topics like coupon lingo, basic training and how to coupon at specific stores. You’ll also appreciate the insert schedule so you know ahead of time what inserts you can expect in each week’s paper.

Social Clout: 58+ likes, 33+ followers


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